Beating the Jellyfish

Palmachim is  a lovely sandy beach  just under one hour drive from Jerusalem, with a few rocks for a good photo effect. We have been there on the last weekend of June, which was perfect timing just before the jellyfish take over the water for a few weeks. The water was nice and warm and the sea pretty rough for a great shake and tumble.

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This was a first assignment for my new Canon 6D my first full frame DSLR. Ever since I switch to digital exactly ten years ago I had smaller sensors. This is the first time I am back to 35 mm size since I betrayed my lovely Pentax K1000 that served me nicely for over two decades. Having such a size sensor enables wide angle photos like I the ones below. While I was taking these shots Roi dipped my first DSLR, which he recently inhereted, into the sea (which didn’t prove a good idea). Well the pics show that everybody had a great time.